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Discover relief and rejuvenation from muscular strains. Restore strength, flexibility, and overall well-being so you can get back to living life to the fullest.

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Have you strained a muscle that’s stopping you from being at your best?

Muscular strains can disrupt your life, limit your mobility, and inevitably cause pain and frustration. It’s even more challenging when recovery seems a long way off. That’s where an Osteopath can help – by providing more than just symptomatic relief.

Common symptoms of muscular strain or injury may include:

  • Stubborn muscular pain that won’t heal or go away
  • Muscular pain causing movement difficulties
  • A persistent weakness or dull pain in your muscles
  • Recurring muscle strain is causing you worry about your future mobility
  • Localised pain or tenderness
  • Stiffness or reduced range of motion
  • Swelling or inflammation in the affected area
  • Muscle spasms or cramping
  • Weakness or instability
  • Difficulty moving the affected area
  • Pain worsens with movement or activity
  • Muscle knots or trigger points
  • Pain that improves with rest or gentle stretching
  • Pain may radiate to nearby areas

Osteopathy treatment may help you achieve:

Finding the root cause

Our experienced practitioners use a hands-on approach to identify and tackle the root cause of your strain, promoting quicker healing.

Improved mobility

We combine manual techniques and therapeutic exercises to restore your freedom of movement.

Regained strength

With personalised treatment plans, we work to rebuild your muscle strength, so you can return to your favourite activities sooner.

Education and prevention

We empower you with knowledge on body management, equipping you with the tools to prevent future strains or injuries.

What to expect during your initial assessment

1. Initial assessment

Your Osteopath will discuss medical history, back pain details, assess cause, and pain triggers

2. Physical examination

Your Osteopath will assess posture, alignment, muscle strength, flexibility and identify pain sources.

3. Hands-on treatment

Your Osteopath employs gentle techniques to alleviate pain, improve alignment and restore movement.

Positive outcomes you may experience:

Like many of our patients, you may:

  • Get relief from the constant pain caused by your muscular strain.
  • Experience improved mobility that enhances your daily routine.
  • Find regained strength in your muscles.
  • Experience increased confidence about your health and a clear understanding of your body’s capabilities.
  • Learn strategies for preventing muscle strain recurrence.

Don’t let muscular strain or injuries continue to impact your life. Let the Queensland Osteopathic Clinic help you navigate your way to improved health.

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Dr Philip Nolan - Osteopath in Brisbane

The information on this page was prepared by Dr Philip Nolan.

Dr. Philip Nolan is a seasoned osteopath specialising in tailored, high-quality treatments. His 20 years of hands-on experience and advocacy for osteopathy have earned him nationwide respect.

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